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About Us

We’re positioned to be one of the first sites dedicated solely to equine education, informing others about the performances and progress of the animals they adore. Our mission is to make owning and playing with horses more enjoyable, while also making horse breeding more profitable. Our platform is for horse lovers around the world, including all breeds. We’re proudly Australia-based, and ready to enhance your horse owning experience.

myEQUINEinfo is a platform built by horse lovers, for horse lovers.

Our founder grew up immersed in horse culture, with a family influenced by horse racing and polocrosse. Although not an active breeder, he did support thoroughbred author, Richard Ulbrich, as he converted years of research into an online SaaS, publishing Ulbrich’s Peerage of Racehorses on his behalf. Through this experience, he was exposed to the worldwide scope of horses.

For example, did you know there are more than 10 million Stud Book horses in the world, with millions more undocumented?

myEQUINEinfo was created specifically for these horses, using their pedigrees to connect them, ultimately relying on social media features and other special functions to provide a service totally unique to this equine platform.

Summary of features

Signing up

When you sign into MYEQUINE for the first time, you will need an AFFILIATE key.  
Unless you have been given one by a contact, please use this one:


More Details about the site

The Home Tab

  1. Our home page displays the horse’s name and 1 singular photo, followed by Sire, Dam, etc.
  2. The listing includes the HID and its related categories; categories include activity, location, and breed. These categories enable easy search features based on user interests.
  3. Three-generation pedigree for horse family tree searches.

Today, our platform proudly showcases 55,000 entered thoroughbreds, with more breeds to come.

The Timeline Tab

Each horse has its very own timeline built into our platform, providing users with the ability to add events as they happen. A lifetime of memories timeline develops, enabling users to add text, photos, and videos as they see fit.

The Progeny Tab

For all Studs, the Progeny Tab enables users to move through generations, researching descendants of the stallion or mare.


Equinopedia is a proprietary tool that provides users with the access to comprehensive horse breed history. Right now, the site includes access to 4 million words of research supplemented by thoroughbred historian Richard Ulbrich.

Equinopedia's Foundation Author

Richard Ulbrich (1931-2016)

Richard ulbrich (ca 1994)

 Richard was born in Peterborough, England, in 1931, not far from the heart of English racing, Newmarket, which he visited often as a schoolboy. He spoke often warmly of seeing Nasrullah and Tudor Minstrel race there in the 1940s. Tudor Minstrel  was the  horse which, he said, remained his most visible impression. It was a time, he believed, to be the “golden age” of British race-riding, where the great riders Sir Gordon Richard, Charlie Smirke, Charlie Elliot and Harry Wragg stood apart from a coterie of accomplished horsemen.

That nostalgic background created a lifelong love of thoroughbreds that possibly, over the years, resulted in the most comprehensive study of the history of the horse-racing ever undertaken since Bobinski. His lifetime of research culminated in three acclaimed publications; “See How They Ran” in 1981, “The Great Stallion Book” in 1984, and the ultimate companion volume “Richard Ulbrich’s Peerage of Racehorses” in 1994. With his research so mammoth, he eventually had his work converted to an online database. His work, current up to around 2010 and amounting to over 4.5 million words, with over 45,000 thoroughbred horses commented upon, are exclusively available on this site.

With rare insight and true empathy for the horse itself, Richard will remain a voice for the breed forever. He only had one theory about thoroughbred breeding; “breed your best with the best available, and hope for the best.”

Drop us a line!

Although Equinopedia already boasts 4 million words, we want more! It is our goal to replicate that effort for all breeds, making myEQUINEinfo the #1 source of horse breeding information in the world.

If you are a horse breed historian, fluent in any language, we would like to publish your work to our site. 

If you’d have a question, a suggestion or want more information, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.

The Cost of Participation

We’re a membership site, first and foremost. Our cost is configured by the number of horses that you would like to add and manage. BRONZE is free and allows you to add up to ten horses and have 20 friends whose pages you follow.


$ 0 / YEAR
  • 10 Horses
  • 20 FAVs


$ 25 / YEAR
  • 50 Horses
  • 75 FAVs


$ 70 / YEAR
  • 150 Horses
  • 200 FAVs


$ 199 / YEAR
  • 500 Horses
  • 500 FAVs

Our People


Michael O'Neill


After 10 years in industry, Michael has spent the last 22 as a high school teacher. In his spare time he has been working on this project, as well as writing a Fantasy series. It is now time to see if this project has legs! 

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